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Heart to Heart @Kind Kones

This is a brand new event from But Honestly featuring our new deck "But Honestly: For Couples" where lovebirds can come and experience our cards while enjoying ice creams and brownies from Kind Kones! Get the price of one for the TWO of you for a planned date by But Honestly? Say no more!!

Have you ever attended an event designed ONLY for couples? Everyone You can laugh, cry, and openly express affection with your significant other, free from judgement? Come and take your relationship to the next level with our all new Couples Deck! You get to play an amazing card game with an ambience that is closed off for couples only! What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Disclaimer! I understand that there are civil rules to follow that I may not engage in any unlawful acts governed under Malaysia that can or may be reported against you by But Honestly or directly by individuals of the event. 

Frequently Asked questions

Event FAQs

Heart to Heart is our new event for couples to experience our latest Couples Deck! All with an enclosed and cozy space filled with people like you!

Your ticket includes free water, ice cream and brownies from our amazing partner Kind Kones!

It's your date night! You may wear however you'd like!

Unfortunately your RM80 is not refundable once you have paid. You may find replacements if you can't make it! Learn more on our Refund Policy.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.